Popeye the Sailor!!!

As a kid, I was always very intrigued when I saw Popeye, the sailor man with the spinach can!,  with his pipe  and that scarf around his neck, Olive and Bluto together on the idiot box. There was this strong and effective theory , spinach gives strength, strength to negate all the hurdles and troubles. You eat a can and boom, it all goes away.  And, Popeye was a sailor, I have always wondered sailors with that white cap and the pipe, until a few years back when I met the real sailor. But yet, there was this small wish in one of the microscopic cells of my body, to have a sailor and me being his Olive. And guess what, I have my sailor tag ready, I am going to sail this Friday. No, no I am not being Popeye, I will play Olive with my one and only his highness.

I cannot believe it, another one checked off the bucket list. Yayyy!!!


A-gah-gah-gah-gah-gah-gah! Popeye’s Laugh

Goochy goo. — Olive

Happy Friendship Day!

I have always been an introvert, but with my gang I am an extrovert, always. Yes, I have a close knit, they are just amazing in their own ways, each one distinct from the other but the one thing they have in common is a good soul. We are all now grown ups, have our share of responsibilities, our share of struggles, our ups and downs, we are all handling the 'situations' on our own, with our conscience. It is not that we don't want to stay in touch on a regular basis, we do, but then each one of us is busy clearing our own plates. I have never been good at handling multiple things at the same time, since the time my life has sort of changed, I have literally given no time to the that part of my life, which was once my LIFE. I so REGRET it.
Why I don't do anything to change it? I have asked this question to myself a zillions of times, the answer which satisfies my agony is I took a vow that I am gonna share his share of miseries and responsibilities, and the misery part has sort of become a daily affair, so much that it sort of made me an escapist, and in order to fulfil that I think I have sort of cheated on myself, my people, my coterie and even on some level my parents, my mother was supposed to be my best friend until death do us apart. I am sorry for that but then I am following the values they imbibed in me. I am not even sure what sort of person does that make me? Hope I get in charge of the situation soon.

But, not digressing too much, I would just like to take up this time to thank my people for always being there for me, I know that they are bit disappointed in me right now but I am having their back in this lifetime throughout and they have mine. They are my assets, now and forever.

Happy friendship day.


“I Miss you.” She said softly, “I miss you too dear.” He said.

And then they put down the phone. He carried on with his work and she was carried away in her thoughts.

Exactly an year back, she wasn’t aware of the existence of this other soul in this galaxy, wasn’t aware that she would end up living with such a beautiful creation of the supreme power, who is invisible but omnipresent and omnipotent. So, not digressing anymore, she met this guy exactly a year back, you know in an “arranged date” kind of stuff :p . She didn’t like him in the first meet and neither did he. 😀 But, then as this was an arranged meet, the conversation accelerated of course after a late start and with some catalysts involved. Yet, he kept on trying and she was over confused. But, then there was a moment , she just closed her eyes, tried to imagine him as a part of her unperfect family, pictured him having a conversation with her dad, and bang, he just fit as that last piece of that jigsaw puzzle, you know what I mean right. There was this coherence, and a leap of faith was taken. 🙂 🙂

She thinks it’s her karma which led to this, she feels lucky. She hopes he feels lucky as well.

P.S: I miss you.